Tasmania lies on latitude 42 south, sharing this latitude only with the South Island of New Zealand and Southern Chile. Generally a mountainous and inhospitable area.  For a brief 6-8 weeks of the year, summer comes to this wild place and with it the annual blooming of the Leatherwood tree, Eucryphia Lucida. The tree bears an abundance of extremely delicate white flowers with a fresh piquant scent. The bees visit these flowers for six weeks from January to mid-March and collect the distinctive aromatic nectar from them. During this time, our beekeepers camp in the remote wilderness while they remove the surplus honey from the beehives, enabling us to provide this highly sought after honey to connoisseurs around the world.


Also known as Teatree, the Manuka bush, Leptospermum scopa produces a honey that has long been reputed for its antibacterial properties, and the wild rainforests of Tasmania are the only place in the world where the rare Leatherwood tree, Encryphia lucida rows.  Manuka Leatherwood Blend brings these honeys together creating a full bodied flavour that is both earthly and spicy. The process of cold extraction ensures that it retains all the flavours and aroma of pure wild honey.

Tasmanian Leatherwood & Manuka Blend 250g